The PAY ME NOW universe

Pay Me Now is an authentic French brand founded by DJ Moh Green.

Pay Me Now is not just a sign, it is a state of mind, a philosophy of life.

Wearing our Pay Me Now products means giving a new reflection of your personality through us, our slogans, our quality 100% organic cotton.

We are you and you are us.

The Pay Me Now story begins in 2004 in a music recording studio by its founder DJ Moh Green.

He draws his inspiration from his music and his love for diversity.

Artistic creativity is his strength. The birth of his Pay Me Now brand is proof of this.


 "By calling the brand that way, I wanted to send a message, that of doing things now and not tomorrow".

Dj Moh Green wanted to share his experience with us.

Pay Me Now is much more than a brand, it is a state of mind, a way of life, in which many will find themselves.

In 2012, the first cap collection arrives 

with a sport-chic touch.

Then a series of t-shirts also emerged.

Pay Me Now is a lifestyle for the artist, who has had the chance to travel around the world and who has collaborated with different international artists.

Pay Me Now shakes up the codes by imposing its timeless style.

The choice of our materials is one of our brand's priorities.


Green, a word that is not there by chance.

Green is green for the environment, Green for the planet, Green for 100% organic as well as for our recyclable materials.

We are committed to providing you with lasting quality through our choice items.

Sustainable development is a priority that is close to our hearts, (in this current climate…) in the new world that we want to create and expand.

Green for money, change.

Everyone wants it but nobody says it, well almost nobody ...

You will tell me that it is insolent, I will tell you that it is relevant ...

We combine quality, elegance, modernity, and motivation.

Each of our T-shirts is unique with its motivational slogan. 

Today, Pay Me Now is aimed at all, men, women and children, looking for a ready-to-wear collection imbued with a strong identity through the message that Pay Me Now conveys combining simplicity, creativity and insolence. 



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DJ / Producteur International

qui a Collaboré avec de nombreux artistes.